Space Marines: Infernus Squad

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  • 10 close-range fire support troops for your Space Marines
  • Ideal for burning away hordes of enemies and flushing out dug-in opponents
  • Pyreblasters unleash torrents of flame, scorching targets to a crisp with extreme prejudice

This multipart plastic kit builds 10 Infernus Marines, armed with pyreblasters for flushing foes out of cover. These push-fit models include a variety of different poses, braced to fire their lethal flame weapons. Two of the Infernus Marines also offer a choice of bare heads or helmets, as well as cosmetic arm options, allowing you to field them as Sergeants for your Infernus Squads.

This kit comprises 74 plastic components, and comes with 10x Citadel 32mm Round Hex Hole Bases. These push-fit miniatures can be assembled without glue, and are supplied unpainted

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