Marvel Crisis Protocol: Squirrel Girl & Gwenpool

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Players will turn the laws of reality into an open negotiation with the Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool Character Pack. This duo of fourth-wall-breakers will suspend disbelief as they bend the usual flow of gameplay to suit their own unique playstyles. Equipped with Team Tactic Cards that make them perfect tank-busters, this duo comes ready to warp the battlefield into a far stranger place to play.

  • A new spin on existing “retcon” mechanics creates opportunities for thematic Roster-building
  • Squirrel Girl’s Team Tactic Card and abilities make her a compelling counterplay against huge foes 


1 Squirrel Girl Miniature, 1 Gwenpool Miniature, 2 Bases, 2  Character Stat Cards, 3 Team Tactic Cards, 1 Token 

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