Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) Silver Coating Ver. 1/12 Scale Model Kit

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From the first live-action drama series "Mandalorian" of "Star Wars", the main character "Mandalorian" is made into a plastic model on a 1/12 scale with various accessories!

■ Vesker armor with a characteristic silver color is reproduced with a solid silver coating.
■ Reproduce the impressive metallic armor with silver coating.
■ The jet pack on the back is removable. By using a joint, it is possible to attach a spear or a special blaster to the back.
■ The characteristic cloak is reproduced with cloth material parts.
■ Various weapons used in various scenes in the play are included.
■ Various joint parts and a dedicated pedestal are included.

■ Dedicated blaster x 2 types
■ Spear x 1
■ Dark Saver x 1
■ Cloak x 1
■ Hand parts: Gun handle (right), rifle handle (right), weapon handle (right), facial expression hand (left)
■ Joint parts x 1 set
■ Dedicated display base x 1

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