Turbo Dork: Silicon Dry Palette- Large Black

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Turbo Dork has re-envisioned their dry palette! These palettes have been retooled to be more flexible with more wells. These palettes are made of non-stick silicone so your dried paint will peel right off!

This palette measures 9" x 2” x 0.6” and features:

  • 12x Paint wells. Each 1” paint well is hollow on the back so you can easily press out the dry paint.
  • 4x D-Pad shaped mixing decks. These mixing decks allow you to pull paint up from each well and mix without contaminating the original color with spill over

  • 1x Massive central mixing table. This large flat area lets you mix and stage lots of colors at once

  • 2x Brush rests. Stop your brushes from rolling away, keep the tips off the table, and within easy reach!

Instructions: Clean with dish soap and water. Intended for acrylic paint use only, do not use alcohol, enamel, or oil based paints. Do not clean with mineral spirits.

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