W'adrhun: Chieftain on Tontorr

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Box Contents

●    1 Plastic Character Miniature
●    1 Infantry Plastic Base

Product Information

●    Assembly: Required. 
●    Box size: 15,35 x 14.4 x 2,75cm; 50grs
●    Material: Plastic
●    Scale: 38mm

In Game Role

●    Battlefield Role: Character
●    Class: Medium
●    Type: Infantry


Few commanders would fail to take advantage of a Tontorr’s broad back to survey the battlefield and issue their commands. Even fewer commanders would have the courage to jump from the same platform to join the fray directly once the battle is joined! How they Play: The Tontorr being well known for its destructive capacities it wouldn't be complete with a mighty Chieftain being able to join the fray in style! Similar to the Apex Rider, the Tontorr is able to be ridden by a Chieftain through a Mastery option, not only providing a powerful war-mount but a high vantage point from which the Chieftain can direct the flow of battle... and occasionally stampede on enemy Regiments. 

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