Yu Jing: Collection Pack

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This box includes the 26 miniatures that make up the entire CodeOne range of the Yu Jing army, as well as the CodeOne rules booklet. This box is the perfect way to get the entire collection of the powerful Asian giant.

From Operation Kaldstrom:

  • 3x Zhanshi
  • 1x Hùndùn
  • 1x Jujak
  • 1x Dàofěi
  • 1x Gŭiláng

From Beyond Kaldstrom Expansion Pack:

  • 1X Shàng Jí Hacker
  • 1X Yě Māo
  • 1X Jing Qo

From Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation:

  • 1x Adil
  • 1x Yu Jing ambassador. 

From Yu Jing Support Pack:

  • 1x Mech-engineer
  • 1x Zhanshi Yīshēng
  • 2x Yáozăo

From Yaokong Remotes Pack:

  • 2x Yáokòng Remotes

De Blue Wolf Mongol Cavalry (TAG):

  • 1x Blue Wolf

From Yu Jing Booster Pack Alpha:

  • 1X Hsien
  • 1X Zhànying Hacker
  • 1X Hac Tao Hacker

From Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta:

  • 1x Yān Huǒ FTO
  • 1x Zúyǒng
  • 1x Tiger Soldier Hacker

From Liang Kai:

  • 1x Liang Kai

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