Zoids: Green Horn AB

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The Dark Green Shield

Captured by the Republic from the Zenebas Empire and later used as a test machine for new weapons, Green Horn AB from Zoids Mousou Senki joins the HMM Zoids lineup!
Newly designed additional parts include Attack Boosters as seen in the anime for the HMM series.
Add this support Zoid who helps soldiers on the frontlines from afar to your collection today!

・The Anti-Charged Particle Shield Generator on the head is recreated with newly sculpted parts.
・The block on the tip of the tail is newly sculpted in a design that does away with the gunner cockpit. In addition to the Infrared Laser Searcher, it can support the newly sculpted square Beam Gun.
・The newly sculpted weapon platform can support an Anti-Zoid 3-Barreled Linear Cannon on the central axis of the main body while also having Attack Boosters attached. The Attack Booster connections can be extended and rotated.
・The Attack Boosters feature a new design with revised separations and structure.
・A pilot figure of a soldier is included. The figure can board the universal Empire cockpit in the head.
・The clear parts come in both clear orange and clear.
・A large selection of newly created decals for emblems and caution marks are included, so users can fine-tune the look of their Zoid!

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